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Innovative nursery storage solutions

March 5, 2018

Children have A LOT of stuff which makes keeping the nursery tidy a mission that should only be tackled with suitable storage. Here is a list of our favourite nursery storage solutions to help keep things look a little neater even when your children turn the house upside down!

Nursery storage solutions - IKEA TROFAST

The IKEA TROFAST storage units are a classic and for good reason. They’re a playful and sturdy unit that has several grooves, so you can place the boxes where you want and change them at any time. IKEA have these boxes in 3 different sizes, single, double or triple. If your little one has lots of LEGO but only a few pens and pencils you can mix up the sizes to suit. Our favourite thing about this, is that the boxes are plastic and completely removable with ease. This means if they somehow get sweets or other sticky things in the box you can wash them out and continue to use.

Nursery storage solutions - Play&Go

The Play&Go Storage Bag is one of our all time favourite products. Although it’s a storage bag it doubles up as a playmat that aims to encourage youngsters to tidy up after themselves. Whether they want to go downstairs with an army of their favourite toy animals or take the fleet of cars into the garden, the Play&Go is there to ensure it all gets scooped up when playtime is finished for an easy and quick tidy up!

Nursery storage solutions - LASSIG

This might not be one for the toys, but a laundry basket is a must when it comes to keeping things tidy. The LÄSSIG laundry bags can hold a lot of dirty socks, shirts and pyjamas and the cute adorable designs make them worthy of a space in your idyllic nursery (please note, this is for when it is child-free and tidy). The bag has two handles to make carrying to the washing machine easier but these also fold down to create an oval opening for posting dirty clothes into. It has also been shortlisted in this year’s Best Baby & Toddler Gear Awards, so it definitely gets the thumbs up from us.

Nursery storage solutions - 3 sprouts

If you are looking for box storage then look no further than 3 Sprouts. Their animal design storage boxes are colourful, cheerful and perfect for containing just about everything. The sides are reinforced with cardboard to ensure that they stand strong and can take little ones pulling them around. They fit perfectly into cubby hole shelving but also add a pop to the room if they are standing alone.

Nursery storage solutions - My 1st Years

If you are looking for something not only practical, but to add an extra special touch, then the My 1st Years Personalised Star Toy Chest is the one for you. It  can be filled with your little ones most favourite toys but most importantly being able to add their name means it’s going to last you a lifetime. Once built the chest is extremely sturdy and solid making it perfect for plenty of play times to come. It’s a sweet gift idea that will hopefully encourage them to keep their things safe within it.

Nursery storage solutions - LEGO

This is a storage solution for the smaller bits and bobs, perhaps stationary or even….LEGO! What better place to store your LEGO  than in a giant LEGO storage box? The fun design is perfect for children and the boxes even work like the smaller pieces, you can actually connect the storage bricks to each other. So, as the collection grows you can get more storage bricks that can be stacked together neatly.

Nursery storage solutions - GLTC

The Great Little Trading Company Poppins Toy Chest is their new toy box which has been shortlisted in the 2017, Best Baby & Toddler Gear Awards. It features a big main storage compartment that can be used by lifting the top and a smaller drawer at the bottom that can be used to hide away little toys. Large toy chests are great for hiding away allsorts but this is even better because of the safety hinge that is there to protect little fingers. You can also add the matching Poppins cushion to turn it into a seat.

Nursery storage solutions - Tidy Books

Boxes are great for hiding away toys, games, pencils and more, sometimes trying to find anything in the jumbled boxes can be frustrating (which might lead to emptying all over the floor). The Tidy Books Sorting Box is just what you need. Each box comes with 3 lift-out dividers to make organising a little easier. You can also stack 2 boxes on top of each other and by adding a lid to your order you can hide away the organised but unsightly plastic ‘bits and bobs’. It’s a clever design with organised mums in mind, which is why it was shortlisted in this year’s Best Baby & Toddler Gear Awards.

Nursery storage solutions - IKEA PS

Another from IKEA but for only £4 we couldn’t miss it out! The PS FÅNGST is a series of 6 hanging net-like compartments that can be hung from the ceiling. It is easy for your little one to see their favourite teddies, hats, gloves or fancy dress which will hopefully avoid the dig and throw action they tend to do if they can’t see.



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