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Orchard Toys Dinosaur Dig Game

Review : Orchard Toys Dinosaur Dig Game

July 14, 2023

Parenting Expert’s verdict:

10 / 10

My name is Jo and I am one of the reviews editors here at Parenting Expert. As an avid board game enthusiast and a lover of dinosaurs, I was excited to try this game with my dino-mad daughter and her friends, and it did not disappoint. Orchard Toys Dinosaur Dig is a fantastic game that combines fun, education, and strategic thinking. I have always loved the Orchard Toys Games, having used them not only for my own children, but also in the classroom as a teacher.

Suitable from 4+ Price: £12
What’s in the box?
  • 1 two-piece 3D playing board
  • 2 mole pieces
  • 4 seven-piece 3D dinosaurs
  • 4 terrible T-Rex cards 
  • 4 pickaxes 
  • 1 instruction leaflet
Initial Impressions

The Orchard Toys Dinosaur Dig game components are of excellent quality, with vibrant and engaging artwork that immediately captures the attention of players. The game board is well-designed, depicting a prehistoric landscape with various ‘dig sites’, adding to the immersive experience. My daughter loved exploring this game and has played it numerous times – each time she spots something new.

Educational Value

What sets Dinosaur Dig apart is its educational value. The game introduces children to a particular dinosaur species – the T-Rex which is perhaps the favourite amongst young children. It might have been nice to have more than one species but this isn’t a massive negative! Dinosaur Dig encourages learning through play, making it an ideal game for both entertainment and educational purposes. 

How easy was Dinosaur Dig to play?

The gameplay itself is easy to grasp, making it suitable for children of various ages. However, it does say that it is suitable from the age of 4, I would suggest that most 4 year olds are going to need some support to get the most out of the game – this is certainly a play-along with an adult (or older sibling) game especially whilst they get used to it. Players take turns excavating dinosaur bones by strategically choosing dig sites on the game board. The excitement builds as players uncover dinosaur bones, which they collect to complete their own dinosaur skeleton. Children have to use their memory skills as the game progresses. The element of competition adds an extra layer of engagement, making each turn thrilling and suspenseful.

I appreciated the cooperative aspect of the game as well. While players are competing to complete their own dinosaur skeletons, they also have opportunities to help each other, fostering teamwork and collaboration. This aspect promotes social interaction and enhances the overall gaming experience.


Overall, Orchard Toys Dinosaur Dig Dinosaur Dig is a fantastic addition to any family’s board game collection. It combines educational content, strategic gameplay, and beautiful artwork to create an entertaining and enriching experience. Whether you have dinosaur enthusiasts at home or simply love a good board game, Dinosaur Dig is a must-have that will captivate players of all ages.

Orchard Toys Dinosaur Dig Game

  • High Quality pieces
  • Engaging Concept
  • Fun
  • Educational
  • Limited to just a T-Rex
Would you recommend this Dinosaur Dig to other parents?

Yes I most certainly would, with both my parent hat on and my teacher hat on. And what’s not to like about dinosaurs?

Buy Orchard Toys Dinosaur Dig on Amazon here.


Parenting Expert’s verdict:

10 / 10


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