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Peg Perego Siesta highchair review

March 14, 2018

Here at Mumii, we have had the Peg Perego Siesta highchair in for review. Our Editor, Jo has been living with it for some time and now is ready to share her honest review.


Peg Perego only launched in the UK last year but it is far from a new brand. Peg Perego originates from Italy where it is well established and well respected. We have been in awe of the brand for a number of years and are excited to see it finally launched in the UK at the Excel Baby Show, back in February 2017.

Peg Perego epitomises everything you think an Italian brand should – high quality with an attention to detail but with a degree of classical look and feel to everything they produce. The Siesta we are looking at today is just one product in their range, which covers everything from pushchairs to car seats, highchairs to even a rather cool ride-on Vespa for your toddler!


So – the Siesta… what did I really think? I have possibly seen hundreds of highchairs over the years and used a fair few with three children, so wanted to see what made this highchair with its Italian heritage so special.

We’ll start with how it looks as this is typically how many people choose their first highchair – after all, first impressions count as they say.

The Siesta is quite stylish in appearance (as you would expect from an Italian brand). Although relatively chunky when up, this gives it a really sturdy feel. I was surprised at just how small it folded given its initial size. The ability to free stand the chair once folded was a big plus point for me, meaning that storage is easy when you need to pack it away and need the space. I can imagine this fitting easily into a space under the stairs if necessary!

Let’s take a closer look at the seat unit as this is where your little one is going to spend a considerable amount of time over the lifespan of the chair. It is beyond shadow of a doubt luxurious to touch with its faux leather padded seat. The Siesta has a 5-point harness to keep baby safe and sound, even the most wriggly baby or Houdini-type toddler couldn’t escape from this – the harness is light grey so may easily get stained with Spaghetti Bolognese but as it is easily removable, you can soon give it a good clean  from time to time. The harness can be quite fiddly to do up intially but with a little practice you will soon master it.

With five handy recline positions, I love the fact that this is suitable for a newborn, allowing them to join you at the table right from the start of their lives. When reclining, the whole seat moves – rather than just the back, meaning that if your baby has drifted off to sleep, reclining them is less likely to waken them – a big plus point in my eyes. As your baby gets older, the three-position foot rest means that their little legs are not going to just dangle and will always be suitably supported.

When you begin weaning, it is likely that you will use the removable tray on the Siesta. The tray is large and spacious and so easy to keep clean – no nooks and crannies for food to get stuck in. There are two layers of tray which easily and quickly clip on and off. It really gets the thumbs up from me as it is dishwashable. This is really important as it means that after each use, it can have a thorough clean. The outer tray allows you to remove the ‘mess’ and your little one has a lovely clean play space…or alternatively their pudding doesn’t get mixed up in the gravy from the first course. When the tray isn’t required, it clips neatly on the back of the chair – one less thing to lose or trip over of course.

I think this chair really comes into its own when you want to pull it up to the dining table to allow your toddler the ability to eat from the family table. It has the flexibility that many highchairs just do not offer. A lot of highchairs have fixed height or only a few variations meaning getting an exact fit to your table can be somewhat hit or miss. Not with the Siesta – with nine, yes nine, height settings, the Siesta is bound to fit!

Final Thoughts

So, the Siesta highchair From Peg Perego – would I recommend it? Yes I would – it brings Italian flare and craftmanship to your kitchen and dining room! It won’t work if you are short of space in your dining area as it is pretty bulky and the back legs stick out somewhat BUT if space isn’t a problem and you want something comfortable, well made and practical with an Italian heritage, then the Siesta highchair should certainly be given serious consideration! I’m giving the Peg Perego Siesta highchair 4 stars!



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