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Planning For Your Easter Holidays Adventure - Girl eating a marshmallow

Planning For Your Easter Holiday Adventure

March 16, 2023

As winter (finally!) draws to an end, it’s time to start planning our holiday adventures. In recent years, the Easter holidays have become almost as popular as the summer to plan UK breaks, staycations, and the start of camping season for young families.

There’s no doubt that, post Covid, our desire to see the world and connect with nature is stronger than ever. April can still be a little unpredictable weather wise, so it’s important to be prepared with the right kit and activities on hand should the Spring sunshine not deliver! We teamed up with Kidunk and tasked them with producing a guide to hassle free UK Easter holidays, whenever and wherever you go, and some top tips to keep everyone happy!


At Kidunk, we know the importance of having the right clothing for the changeable UK weather. Our suits are waterproof and breathable and can be used as an all in one or as separates. For holidays in the UK, they have become a firm favourite with families owing to their versatility and ease of use. They feel like normal clothing, so they can be worn like leggings or jogging trousers. They are wipe clean, and as it gets cooler in the evenings, the zipped waist keeps our little happy campers cosy too.    

Kidunk, kids by the sea


If you’re planning on travelling for any period of time, as well as planning your route, plan in some play stops too. You’re never far from a playpark, and with the exception of just a handful of service stations such as Tebay or Gloucester, you’re probably going to need to make a small detour to plan in a playpark stop—but it’s well worth those extra miles. We love @outdoormums UK, a community Facebook group where parents will post a map of their journey and other users will recommend places to stretch those little legs. We love this, as it’s up to date with recommendations, and users will tell how appropriate it is for your child’s age—it’s just brilliant.

Googling playparks near me is another good option, and of course, if you’re lucky enough to be National Trust members, you can generally find locations just about anywhere. It’s a great way of breaking up a long day and re-energising tired little travelling companions.     


Whether you’re staying in an AirBnB, camping in a tent, or relaxing in a hotel, the chances are that the wildlife and surroundings are going to be new and different from home, even here in the UK. A change of routine and environment is a great way to re-introduce kids to nature. We love nature journals because children can keep a record of what they’ve seen and found. It’s an amazing way for them to describe new finds and spark conversations about nature with you too.

At Kidunk, lots of Forest School parents love our little outfits as not only do they keep our little adventurers warm and dry all day long, they have a huge pocket that kids can collect and keep their finds. We even call them our nature pockets!   


If you’re a Forest School regular, you’ll be familiar with campfires and toasting marshmallows! It’s important to first check that you have permission from the campsite or landowner to have a fire. Make sure children are carefully supervised at all times, and if you are happy for them to toast marshmallows, make sure they are sitting in front of the fire on one knee only. This way, they will be more stable, and having a foot on the ground will mean they are able to move quickly if something unexpected happens with the fire. Campfires are so much fun and can last for hours and hours, but it’s so important children are aware of the dangers.   

Kidunk, kids making camp fire


Children love picnics, and this really is an indoor or outdoor activity! Our favourite picnic blankets come from our friends at Pacmat, as they are super soft, wipe clean, and really durable. Eating out can be expensive now, but picnics mean you can eat when you want and wherever you want! If you’ve got a pop-up tent or large umbrella, even better – our kids love making picnic shelters and will happily graze for ages! 

Have fun and enjoy. You can follow our adventures at @kidunkclothing, and we’d love to hear about yours. Happy travels and have a great Easter holidays 

Find out more at Kidunk.com

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