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Eco Pourty Potty in bathroom

Review : Pourty ECO Potty

August 2, 2023

Parenting Expert’s verdict:

9 / 10

Hi, I’m Holly. Mummy to 2.5 year old Alexander. We live by the sea with husband/daddy Ben and are often found along the seafront, in a park and stopping for a nice coffee! I applied to do a Pourty ECO Potty Review as now it’s the summer it’s time to think about trying potty training. It’s also a sustainable product which is important to us as a family. We are bombarded with plastic products and I’m trying to do my bit. Where possible I’m very much a recycle, reuse person.

Price: £13.99 – Amazon

What’s in the box?

Just the eco Pourty in the box. Do you need instructions for a potty? It’s very self explanatory what needs to happen!

Initial Impressions

The Eco Pourty was sent to us in recycled packaging which I thought was a great touch. The potty has stickers on it showing you how to pour away and explains that it can be recycled when you’ve finished using it. I really like turtle on the front. I found the smell of the Pourty really overpowering at first, a strange highly perfumed smell. I’m incredibly sensitive to smells and it took me a good week and a half to not notice the smell anymore. Alexander was not the least bit interested in the Pourty for the first few days and paid no attention to it at all. It sat in the living room (still there now). I on the other hand was excited to see how our journey will begin.


After a few days Alexander started to show some interest in the Pourty Potty. We had a lot of conversations around what it’s for and how we use it. He sat on it a few times with his clothes on so he was definitely understanding the concept of what is happening.

We talked A LOT about wee wees and poo poos. A LOT! He’s always followed me to the toilet like many other children do so I use the opportunity now to narrate what I’m doing. We say goodbye. He’s catching on fast. Between nappy changes, bath times etc he’s sat on the potty. No pressure. We’ve had a few wees. We’ve praised and clapped. He’s very proud. It’s been poured away easily and it’s quick to clean.

When the summer holidays begin I will be able to dedicate a week to no nappies and bare bum time in the garden and we will see how we go. I’m really hoping the Pourty ECO Potty will be an excellent gap filler between the nappies and the toilet. Honestly I’ve never talked about wee and poo so much in my life. This stage of toddler life seems a bit strange. Not a lot of people are having conversations about what works and doesn’t work for them. I’m not one of these people!

Maybe there should be a recycled booklet with the Pourty ECO Potty of parents tips and quips to help other parents that don’t have a strong support network. Some reassurance in there that if they don’t get it first time it’s ok, try again another time. Parents put so much pressure on them selves and it doesn’t have to be like that.

Pourty ECO Potty Review
  • Easy to pour & clean
  • Sustainable
  • Recycled after use
  • Came in recycled packaging
  • The original smell was too much for my nose!! Not sure I’d leave the house with it, maybe a travel one would be great too?
Would you recommend to other parents?

Absolutely I would recommend to others. Simple, easy to use, pour away and clean.

Buy a Pourty ECO Potty on Amazon here.


Parenting Expert’s verdict:

9 / 10

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