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Pregnancy Bra Calendar

May 23, 2018

Pregnancy Bra Calendar – By Style – By Stage

Why Choose Cake?

The easiest way to get the correct maternity bra size is to have it fitted professionally. However sometimes it’s hard to find a specialty store near you, or you might not have time when pregnant or right after giving birth. Cake Lingerie – a leading designer and specialist of maternity and nursing bras – is here to help and guide you.

For almost 10 years now, the Cake team has been closely engaged with lactation consultants and industry specialists, listened to pre and post natal women, and analysed the most common problems and changes they are undergoing in their bodies, month after month. With all this information in place, Cake has acknowledged and segmented pregnancy and post natal timeframes into 5 main stages:

  • Stage 1 – Pregnancy

1-3 Months – women experience sudden breast growth/tightness. This change in the bust can be 1-2 sizes. Breast fluctuation is one of the first symptoms most women experience in the first few weeks of pregnancy. This is the time when pre-pregnancy bras start being uncomfortable and irritating. For this reason, Cake suggests one of the Candy family of seamless maternity and nursing bras, which are luxuriously comfortable, stylish and allow breast growth without restriction. These same styles are also ideal immediately post birth – Stage 4.


  • Stage 2 – Pregnancy

3-8 Months – a little more gradual breast growth occurs, but it is usually pretty stable. During this period, the most amount of expansion occurs in the ribcage, hence look for models with extended bra closure (5-6 hook-and-eye fastenings). This helps to accommodate expansion of the ribcage and for extra adjustability to tighten as the rib cage retracts after the birth. “Tight isn’t right”! Traditionally in this stage women choose a flexible wire bra that would look and feel similar to their pre-pregnancy bra, but provides the adjustability you need and accommodates breast growth.


  • Stage 3 – Pregnancy

8-9 Months – this is when the bust will grow in readiness for the arrival of milk. The last growth of the baby and ribcage expansion can sometimes be quite painful. Whilst purchasing a bra at this stage, it’s worth having Stage 4 in mind. The bra should accommodate an increase in breast size and fullness of 2-3 sizes. This is the best time to think about which bras to take to hospital. Seamless, non-wired, stretchy bras are most suitable for this stage as they are most forgiving during breast changes. Cake Lingerie designs styles specifically for B-H cups – Cotton Candy Seamless Nursing and for G-L cup – Sugar Candy Seamless Nursing to ensure women’s comfort and easy access to breastfeed at the early post-birth stage.


  • Stage 4 – Post Birth

0-4 weeks – milk comes in, along with lots of breast growth; an average of 2-3 cup sizes. The ribcage will slowly start to go back to its pre-pregnancy position. It’s recommended to wear a non-wired bra after giving birth for about four weeks, as breast size fluctuates most during this period. Whilst you can continue to wear Candy family bras, at this stage women often start looking for a cup-sized bra for getting out and about.


  • Stage 5 – Post Birth

4+ weeks – cup size usually reverts to the approximate size of when 8 months pregnant. Most women do not fully go back to their pre-pregnancy rib expansion until about 4 months after baby. When searching for a bra at this stage, women have absolute freedom to choose any flexi wire or wire-free nursing bra to meet their needs.


Besides the key points mentioned, Cake Lingerie maternity and nursing bras also feature:

  • Wider wire “smile” so not to constrict and damage breast tissue – wire should sit below and completely around the breast tissue
  • Nickel-free hooks and sliders to prevent skin allergies and irritation
  • Easy drop-down cups for breastfeeding
  • Cotton A-Frame or Inner Sling – provides added support, security and coverage for modesty

Cake Lingerie designs and develops maternity and breastfeeding bras with a woman’s body and its changes during each stage in mind. With one of the largest assortments of fashion and basic styles in a wide range of sizes, they have got you covered from the time you conceive until you’re ready to stop breastfeeding. Quite often, though, women find Cake bras so well constructed and comfortable, they just continue to wear them. It is worth investing in good premium-quality maternity and nursing bras, which are durable and made from ecological fabrics. This period in your life is when your bust will go through the most changes. You need and deserve a well made bra that will not only protect but provide you with maximum benefit.

Every woman and every pregnancy is unique, so if you are uncertain or need help with your fitting, check for a Cake stockist store near you at Cake Store Locator or ask the team for advice – Cake Customer Support

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