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REVIEW: Ergobaby Evolve 3-in-1 Baby Bouncer

November 27, 2023

We recently reviewed the Ergobaby Evolve 3-in-1 baby bouncer. We were excited to get this ‘new kid on the block’ in to test, especially knowing that there are some established baby bouncer brands out there. However, we knew from the Ergobaby baby carriers that comfort, ergonomics, and quality would be behind this new product, so we had high expectations.

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When it comes to baby bouncers, the Ergobaby Evolve stands out as a true game-changer. Combining innovative design, superior comfort, and exceptional style, this baby bouncer has quickly become a favourite among parents and nursery retailers. In this comprehensive review, we’ll explore the key features and benefits that make the Ergobaby Evolve and explain why we think it is a top choice for families.

The basics*


  • £189.90


  • Birth to 13.2kg (around 3 years old)


  • Midnight Blue
  • Onyx Black
  • Charcoal Grey
  • Light Grey
  • Blush Pink
  • Cream
  • Soft Olive

Accessories Available

  • Toy Bar (RRP £49.90)
  • Carry Bag (RRP £29.90)
  • Extra Fabric Seat (£74.90)

Review of the Ergobaby Evolve 3-in-1 Bouncer

Design and Build Quality

The first thing we noticed about the Ergobaby Evolve 3-in-1 Bouncer was its sleek and modern design. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, it seamlessly blends into any home decor. It is available in a range of colours; there are, in fact, six choices of colour! The bouncer is made from high-quality materials. These are not only durable but also easy to clean—a must-have for parents dealing with inevitable spills and messes and a big plus point in our eyes. For those of you with a sickly baby, you can also buy an additional fabric seat. This is perfect if you fancy a colour change from time to time or want a refresh when a sibling comes along.

Comfort and Ergonomics

baby in ergobaby bouncer

This is where the Evolve really ‘wowed’ us. Not all baby bouncers are the same! What sets the Ergobaby Evolve apart is its ergonomic design, which enhances not only your baby’s comfort but also their development. The bouncer features three different recline positions, allowing you to find the perfect angle for your baby, whether they’re playing, napping, or enjoying a meal. The plush padding and soft, breathable fabric cradle your baby in comfort, providing optimal support for their head and body. Unlike most baby bouncers, the EVOLVE has been designed in conjunction with a Paediatric Orthopedist. This ensures that your baby will be supported from their head to their hips. It is also certified and recommended by AGR, meaning it has a back-friendly design that has been verified by an independent testing committee made up of experts from various medical disciplines.

Safety Features

Safety is paramount when it comes to baby products, and the Ergobaby Evolve doesn’t disappoint. It’s equipped with a secure 5-point harness that keeps your little one safely in place while they enjoy the gentle bouncing motion. Additionally, the bouncer’s sturdy base ensures stability and prevents tipping, providing peace of mind for parents.

Entertainment and Interaction

Ergobaby Evolve Bouncer Baby playing with toy bar

The Ergobaby Evolve is designed to keep your baby engaged and entertained. You can buy a detachable toy bar featuring colourful and engaging toys that stimulate sensory development and hand-eye coordination. This is an accessory that we would really recommend to all parents. Whether your baby is reaching for the hanging toys or simply enjoying the soothing bounce, this bouncer offers parents the ability to have a little me time, which probably involves going to the toilet or putting the laundry on. In all honesty, knowing your baby is safe while you do these jobs is important!

Portability and Storage

ergobaby evolve bouncer folded

The bouncer’s lightweight and foldable design make it easy to move around the house or take on the go. Whether you’re moving it from room to room or packing it for a weekend getaway, the Ergobaby Evolve offers convenience and flexibility. We love the fact that you can buy a carrybag—great if you need to take the bouncer to grandparents or on holiday. It’s also a great way to store it in a clean, dust-free environment, ready for the next baby.


We think that the Ergobaby Evolve Baby Bouncer is a must-have product for parents. Some will purchase before the baby arrives, but some will buy in those first few weeks when you realise that you don’t have enough hands! We love the fact that it has a high weight capacity, meaning it’s a perfect little seat for a toddler to watch TV from! Its stylish design, exceptional comfort, and safety features make it a standout choice for parents looking to provide the best for their little ones. With the Ergobaby Evolve, you can rest assured that your baby will enjoy countless moments of comfort, entertainment, and relaxation—all while being safely fastened in this ergonomic baby bouncer. 


  • Ergonomically designed
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable and supportive for baby
  • Helps to prevent flat head syndrome
  • Suitable from birth all the way to around 3 years old


  • It’s more expensive than your basic bouncer but we think it’s worth it

We awarded the Ergobaby Evolve 3-in-1 Bouncer 10/10 stars and highly recommend it to parents.

The Ergobaby Evolve 3-in-1 is not just a bouncer; it’s a parenting essential that truly evolves with your baby’s needs.

*(correct at time of publication)

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