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Glow Sleep Easy Review

March 24, 2023

We have been reviewing the Glow Sleep Easy. Glow Dreaming says this is ‘the smart device that puts a sleep expert in the palm of your hand’. This is a claim we wanted to test out.

In the realm of sleep aids, the Glow Sleep Easy has gathered considerable attention for its unique combination of light therapy, sound therapy, and aromatherapy. Plus, the use of an app to support parents in their journey towards enhancing sleep for their little one—and thus all the family! Promising to promote relaxation and restful sleep, this device has intrigued many seeking a natural and effective way to enhance their sleep quality. It certainly intrigued us! Our comprehensive review delves into the Glow Sleep Easy’s features, effectiveness, and overall user experience. We needed to put it through it’s paces to see whether it really did live up to expectations or whether it was just another gadget available to parents.

baby asleep in a cot with Glow Dreaming

The Basics *


  • £119.95 (Glow Sleep Easy Device)
  • Glow Sleep Genie App – Free


  • from birth

Accessories available

  • All Designer Sleeve (£9.95)
  • Glow Lullaby Essential Oil (£29.95)

Review of the Glow Sleep Easy

Design and Build Quality

The Glow Sleep Easy exudes a sleek and modern design, seamlessly blending into any bedroom décor. Its compact and lightweight construction makes it easy to position on a bedside table or dresser. It has smooth, rounded edges and a soft-touch finish, which we really liked. It adds a touch of elegance to a room and makes a refreshing change from nursery products that are designed without interiors in mind.

Encasing the device is a premium-quality plastic that feels sturdy and durable, ensuring long-lasting performance. The construction appears well-made and well finished.


Glow Dreaming infographic

We love that the Glow Sleep Easy is packed with features. It allows parents to pick and choose the ‘best bits’ and decide what really works for their little one.

Red LED Light Therapy

Red light therapy is known to stimulate melatonin production, the hormone that regulates sleep-wake cycles. Glow Sleep Easy emits a soft red light that aims to enhance melatonin production and facilitate easier sleep onset. They suggest that this is used at night. We loved the red glow, and if it aids in the natural production of melatonin, that gets a thumbs up from us!

Green Light to Rise

This is designed for use when your little one is awake and can be accessed via the app or on the unit itself. When it is time for them to be awake, the red light is switched to green, and the pink noise is switched off. This is a really lovely feature, especially for sleep training with a toddler.

Pink Noise

Lots of people have heard about white noise, but Glow Sleep Easy uses pink noise. Pink noise is a type of noise that is evenly distributed across a wide range of frequencies. It is often described as a softer, more soothing version of white noise, which is more harsh and contains more high-frequency sounds.

There are several reasons why pink noise is considered safer for babies than white noise:

More similar to natural sounds:

Pink noise is similar to the sounds that babies hear in the womb, such as their mother’s heartbeat and blood flow. This familiarity may help babies feel more relaxed and secure.

Less likely to overstimulate:

Pink noise is less likely to overstimulate babies’ delicate auditory systems than white noise. This is because it contains fewer of the high-frequency sounds that can be jarring for babies.

May promote better sleep:

Some studies have shown that pink noise can help babies fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly. This may be because pink noise helps to mask distracting sounds and create a more calming environment for sleep.


The Glow Sleep Easy device integrates a built-in humidifier, allowing for the use of various essential oils known for their calming and relaxing properties, such as lavender and chamomile (see below). However, you can use it just with plain water. You simply fill up the tank. We love the fact that it will keep running for up to ten hours, i.e., a full night’s sleep. The cool mist technology helps ease breathing, prevents snoring and creates the ideal sleep environment by reducing congestion.

Glow Dreaming have three essential oils in the range.

  1. Glow Lullaby which creates a relaxing environment to help bring sleep to those who need it most.
  2. Glow Breathe Easy which is designed to be a breath of fresh air and enrich your sleep routine
  3. Glow Defence which is designed with nature’s boosters for moments of recovery.

As we mentioned above, you can add essential oils to the humidifier (these should be essential oils and not thise with additional ingredients). Glow Dreaming have their own range of essential oils but it is hard to tell from the website exactly what these oils are.

Glow Sleep Genie App **

The Glow Sleep Genie App is easy to download from the Apple Store or Google Play. The Glow Sleep Easy device comes with a sticker with a QR code on it, giving you immediate access. It’s really easy to connect the app to your Glow Sleep Easy unit – it’s just via blue tooth. Once connected, it’s very easy to access.


Glow Dreaming with Mum and child

The Glow Sleep Easy not only boasts a plethora of features designed to promote restful sleep but also presents a visually appealing and well-constructed product that complements any bedroom setting. Its sleek design, user-friendly controls, and durable construction make it a worthwhile addition to those seeking a holistic approach to improving their sleep quality. We love that this product will appeal to parents of babies but also those with older children, particularly if you invest in one of the designer sleeves. It’s not the cheapest option on the market but we love this product and highly recommend it to parents of babies and toddlers.


  • Multi-functional product
  • Well manufactured
  • Design-led product that looks great
  • Great for older toddlers and children, as well as babies


  • Designer Sleeve not included
  • Not the cheapest option

We awarded the Glow Sleep Easy 9/10 stars and highly recommend it to parents.

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