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Roma Rizzo Parent Review

September 12, 2018

Mumii VIP Charlotte has been busy testing the Roma Rizzo with her 18-month-old son. Here are her honest thoughts…. I was very lucky to be given the Roma Rizzo to review with my son (thank you Mumii!). We have had it for a couple of weeks now and it has become my go-to pushchair as I can easily keep it in the boot of my car. The Roma Rizzo comes in a box that is small enough to go in your boot when you buy it. I just opened the box, popped the wheels on and I was ready to go – no need to thread fabrics on a frame, which is useful with a son who is into everything! It comes with everything you need for a summer stroller and my universal footmuff (Buggysnuggle) fitted on it for days when it was a little more chilly – and there seem to be lots of those at the moment. The seat is pretty big, bigger than my umbrella stroller. My son is 18 months old and still has plenty of growing space. I like that it can recline all the way back and my son has taken numerous naps in it so it must be comfortable. The footrest pops up, which means his legs are not left hanging. I like the fact that the Roma Rizzo has a liner in it, making it a little more snug than a lot of strollers. The raincover is ample for the Roma Rizzo and covers it well – the plastic is strong and this has been tested by my son’s kicking feet as he HATES raincovers (he hates all raincovers though and this is not a fault of the Rizzo!). If, like my son, your child doesn’t like raincovers, the Rizzo is great as it has a really good hood with an extra flap at the front for added protection from the sun. My son seems very happy to be in the Rizzo and happily climbs in it unaided when we are going out – I just have to remember to put the brake on when he is doing this! Under the seat is a basket. It’s quite an odd shape and not as streamlined as most BUT in its defence, for a stroller I can fit a lot in, which I have found very useful. Small baskets are the downfall of many strollers but Roma have really considered this. Initially, I found the fold tricky and had to revert to the instructions. You flip up the middle bar at the back and then there are two mini handles to pull up (just below the handle on each side). The thing that really foxed me and my husband was that there is a hidden button underneath the leatherette handle. It really was hidden and we didn’t see it at first. We should have got the instructions out beforehand but I didn’t think it would be necessary for a stroller. I do think that this stroller needs the release button to be more obvious for tired parents! However, now I have found it, folding is easy. It is much smaller than my umbrella stroller so easier to store at home and in my car. Pushing the stroller is OK – it’s a stroller and has reasonably small wheels. It steers well but I think that the suspension could be a little better. You have to be quite gentle when pushing over bumps or going up and down kerbs else my son seems to get jolted about. However, if you are careful, the ride is smooth for your child, which I like. I would recommend this stroller to other parents as it is excellent value for money. It does have a few faults if I am critical BUT the value for money and the comfortable seat mean that it is still a winner for me.

I give the Roma Rizzo stroller 4 out of 5 stars.


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