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Salter 4.5 Litre Digital Hot Air Fryer Review

September 10, 2018

Mumii VIP Sharley, her partner Matt and children Olivia, 7, Harry, 5, and 19-month-old twins Joe and Rose were given a Salter 4.5 Litre Digital Hot Air Fryer to put to the test at home in Surrey…

What was in the box:

The Salter 4.5-litre capacity hot air fryer, instructions and a recipe guide

First impressions:

I’m so excited to receive this item and I open the box with such enthusiasm but am shocked at how big it seems! My kitchen isn’t very large so I am not sure where I can keep it, but I can’t wait to set it up and use it for tonight’s dinner. I have a flick through the recipe ideas and instructions, and both are pretty simple and easy to follow.


The air fryer doesn’t really require any set-up and is easy to operate, so I feel confident to use for the first time. I do start easy though and do the obvious…. chips! These come out great and are a hit with all the family. I like that this means I have more space in my oven and can make my own chips and still be healthy rather than rely on frozen oven-cooked chips.

This air fryer is much more versatile than I had realised and allows you to do all sorts of things. I have used it for jacket potatoes, sweet potato fries and even a cooked breakfast (I tried to get a nice picture of this to show how well it turned out but it did not last long enough!). There is little to no compromise on flavour and any change you do notice is just different, not necessarily worse, and so definitely worth it for the health benefits. The actual cooking area is smaller than I originally thought and so can be a challenge if feeding a lot of people, and I also had to remember to factor in extra time for cooking as it was generally a slower process than alternatives.
I did try out a few things I had never bothered with before because I thought deep-frying was too much hassle or too unhealthy. I made banana crisps/chips, which went down amazingly well as snacks for my youngest children.

  • Healthy options
  • Variety of foods can be cooked
  • Versatile
  • Takes up a fair bit of storage or sideboard space
  • Smaller cooking dish than expected
  • Can take longer to cook with

I would recommend this product to other parents!

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