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May 14, 2018

The Sit & Sigh ORIGINAL seat cushion is designed to promote better posture while sitting, reduce strain on the lower back and remove tailbone pressure.
Our patented cutout shape supports the pelvis while removing direct pressure on the tailbone – potentially helpful with pregnancy-related conditions such as Pelvic Girdle Pain.
The extra thick, triple-layered wedge promotes a gentle forward pelvic tilt, maintaining the spine’s natural ‘S’-curve. Helpful at prevent slouching and reducing lower back strain, the extra lift also provides more room for a growing bump and makes it easier to stand from a seated position during pregnancy.
A washable cover and splash-proof lining handle spills, inverted zippers prevent catching on fabric, and an anti-slip base keeps the cushion in place on almost any chair or sofa. Available in Soft, Medium or Firm to suit your comfort level.
At Sit & Sigh our philosophy is simple: Comfy Mum, Happy Baby!


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