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smarTfold 400 smarTrike Review

August 16, 2018

One-year-old Charlie put the smarTfold 400 to the test with a little bit of help from mummy Claire, daddy Andrew and big sister Emily, 3.

What’s inside the box?

The box contained the main body of the SmarTrike with the wheels, sunshade, basket, etc, all packaged up neatly together.


I was thrilled to be asked to test the smarTfold 400 as my little boy loves spending time outside, but isn’t always keen on going in his buggy. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened to box to see just how small it was folded down. It came with comprehensive instructions to put it together, making it very quick and easy to build the trike. Within about five minutes, we were all ready to go!

My little boy was 11 months when we received this product to test, so he had his legs up in ‘rests’ meaning that he didn’t have to try to reach the pedals – it also looked really comfy for him. The seat has a very good harness and it is surrounded by a bumper bar, which meant that Charlie was really secure. We took it out for a walk to the local park and loved how easy it was to push. There is one large handle, which I much prefer to other trikes I’ve tried, and the steering was very smooth. My little girl, who is almost 4, also wanted to get involved, and she was able to push him along too – making it great for a family trip out! The storage bag is a very good size – we were able to take essentials such as nappies, wipes, purse, etc, and there was plenty of room for more in there.

The trike also has an adjustable sunshade, which is a really handy feature when we do have sun in the UK!

On our return, the trike was easy to fold down and I’m amazed every time at just how compact it becomes.


Overall, our family loves this product as it offers everything we would want from a trike. It is excellent value for money because of how it adapts with the child’s age. Once the child gets slightly bigger, the bumper bar is removed and their feet can reach the pedals. The trike is then adapted in a number of ways until it becomes a child-driven trike, with no parent handle. I would definitely recommend this to other families.

  • Quick and simple to assemble and fold down
  • Easy to steer
  • Safe and comfortable for the child
  • Adaptable – grows with the child
  • Good-sized storage basket
  • Would be useful if the handle could be height adjustable

I would definitely recommend this product to other parents!

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