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Snuggle Seat

May 11, 2018

Snuggle Seat has transformed the baby bean bag into a safe, comfortable and stylish nursery accessory that our mums love.

Designed with modern living, Snuggle Seat has a unique harness system that allows you to easliy secure your baby into the supersoft seat.

Snuggle Seat comes in a range of contempary colour combinations that will suit any home.

For new borns our new born cover is made from supersoft faux fur making a cosy place for your baby.

Not just for babies, as your child grows you can remove the harness cover and use the free additional plain cover, by removing some beans the Snuggle Seat becomes a child chair, and will last for years.

Snuggle Seat is safe, hardwaring, waterproof and is so easy to keep clean.

Our top covers are easy to remove and feature a concealed zip, preventing scratching of your babys skin.

Snuggle Seat, safe, cosy, light and stylish.


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