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SnuzCloud Review

February 14, 2024

The Parenting Expert Team (of sleep deprived parents), recently reviewed the popular SnuzCloud. We knew that these were flying off the shelves like hot cakes, and wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

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Every parent craves sleep – or at least that was our experience was when our little ones were babies and even beyond. Once you have a baby, sleep can sadly become a distant memory. However there are products on the market that appear to promise to rectify this problem. We took a closer look at the SnuzCloud to see whether it lived up to expectations.

The Basics*

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  • From birth

What’s in the box?

  • SnuzCloud
  • Instructions



SnuzCloud Review – our honest thoughts!

The SnuzCloud comes nicely packaged and makes an ideal Baby Shower present – giving the gift of sleep! The modern cloud design will appeal to most parents and the first thing you notice when you remove it from the box is the softness of the material. We dare you not to stroke it! It does come with instructions which are basic.

A word to the wise, make sure that the batteries are correctly in situ and if your SnuzCloud does not work, they may need a ‘wiggle’ to ensure a good connection. We then find that turning the volume up and literally randomly pressing the buttons seems to kick it into action!

Features of the SnuzCloud

The SnuzCloud has many features which we are really impressed with. There are two light features – a pink glow on the cheeks and a white glow for the mouth. These are altered through pressing on a hidden button on the right hand side. The lights are very dim and more for cuteness rather than actually a night light. As you would expect with a sleep aid, there is also a sound feature which is operated by a second hidden button on the left hand side of the cloud – heartbeat, lullaby, rainfall and pink noise.

Our first question was what on earth is pink noise – We had heard of white noise but not pink? Pink noise is a lower frequency and popular alternative to white noise as it is deeper and more gentle on the ear. Studies have shown that it is more effective than white noise to settle your baby to sleep. In fairness, we actually found the pink noise really soothing so looks like there is truth in the claims! SunzCloud The overriding big thumbs up for us is also that this is suitable from birth. This is reassurance, that whatever the age of your baby, this product is safe.  It has a velcro tie meaning you can use it on your bedside crib (works well with the SnuzPod), full size cot (SnuzKot although other cots are available) or even your pram / pushchair. It truly is a versatile product which again is a big thumbs up the team at Parenting Expert, as we know parents don’t want to buy multiple products that fundamentally do the same thing.

So, would we like to receive this as a present, give this as a present or buy it for ourselves? The answer is yes, we most certainly would.


  • Cute design
  • Super soft material
  • Portable – you can take it everywhere with you
  • Suitable from birth


  • Surface clean only
  • Doesn’t always work first time you get it out of the box

The Parenting Expert Team gives the SnuzCloud a score of 9 out of 10 stars!

Snuzcloud on SnuzKot with sleeping baby. Shows Parenting Expert Review Logo

  • Details correct at time of publication.


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