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What’s the story behind Baby Nails™ and The Thumble™?

March 29, 2018

‘In October 2013 our first born arrived and to our surprise our baby’s nails grew not only at an alarming rate but so sharp too! We spent a lot of wasted time trying to keep scratch mittens on and trying to hide the war wounds left when he had managed to scratch his beautiful little face.

Keeping their nails short and clean is so important but the actual task of trying to trim our little wrigglers tiny little nails with baby clippers or scissors soon became a stressful two-person task!

One day as I sat breastfeeding our son, and I stared at his long finger nails, it came to me that this would be an ideal time to file his nails. Not only did he often feed for long periods but it was also a time when he was calm and relaxed. On attempting to cradle him to feed and hold on to a traditional nail file at the same time, I soon realised that this was not going to be possible. This made me start to think, what I really needed was a nail file that I didn’t have to hold, something perhaps I could wear, maybe if I placed it over my thumb it would give me the ability to file his nails but also leave me hands free to care for him as needed.

That was when the idea for our Thumble™ was born. After a lot of hard work, a supportive husband and a number of iterations to include our unique snap-off nail files and a handy storage pouch, we launched our Baby Nails™ product. It is the only wearable baby nail file on the market and has become much loved by parents from around the world.’

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