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Summer Infant Wide View 2.0 Digital Colour Video Monitor review

March 14, 2018

Baby monitors are now something that most parents rely on each night when we put our babies to sleep in their cots. There’s something to suit everyone, and great choice – whether you want just sound, or video too.

Samantha Longley is a busy mum to Archie aged 5 and Theo, 6 months. They’ve only used a sound monitor before, but have been testing out the Summer Infant Digital Video Monitor for us with Theo. Read on in her review to find out exactly what she thought…

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: When the Summer Infant Digital Video Monitor arrived my first impression was that it looked small, sleek and simple to use. The packaging was robust, and the monitor and camera were easy to remove.

The ‘Quick Start Guide’ contained simple step-by-step instructions which were accompanied by diagrams, and ensured we were up and running within a few minutes. I have to say that the

installation was pretty fool proof!

The Summer Infant monitor and camera both look great. They blend in to any room in our home and do not look out of place. They’re both small and sleek, and not overcomplicated, and all buttons are labelled with simple icons or words. The optional soft glow night light is subtle and not too bright.

USE: Having only ever used a sound monitor before I wasn’t sure how useful a video monitor would be. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the Summer Infant Digital Video Monitor, and now rely on it more than I ever thought I would! The monitor has helped me to tell when my little boy is just stirring or fully waking and needs us to go up to his room.

The monitor has some great features, including a talk-back feature and being able to zoom in and out.

I love being able to unplug the monitor to use it in another room – or even at the bottom of the garden!

Up to four cameras can be installed and used with the Summer Infant monitor – not having to unplug the camera to use it in another room is a brilliant idea!

The monitor lasts a full night when unplugged and using the battery power. The video part of the monitor turns itself off after a few minutes to preserve the battery life, and could be easily turned back on if I heard by little boy stirring.

One thing I didn’t get on with was the power button. It is shared with a button that turns on the soft glow night light on the camera in my son’s bedroom. It is very easy to accidentally press the wrong side of the button (as it is so small), turning the light on rather than turning the monitor off. This caused my little boy to wake up as he is used to sleeping in the dark.

GOOD TO KNOW: The monitor can be placed a good distance away from the camera, and still maintains a good signal. Over the summer months we often used the monitor at the bottom of the garden.

CONCLUSION: I have been surprised by how reliant I have become on the Summer Infant Digital Video Monitor. Being able to watch my little boy when he wakes at night has helped me to know when he needs to be settled back to sleep or if he is likely to settle himself, saving countless trips up and down the stairs!

The monitor was so simple to install and is very straight forward to use.

I would highly recommend the Summer Infant Digital Video Monitor to other parents, for use from birth onwards.

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