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Swimming in winter? Are you serious?

February 5, 2018

Battling the cold, the wind and the inevitable rain on the way to the swimming pool admittedly doesn’t sound very appealing, especially in January, but this is a great month to get back into that all important routine with your baby.

Tempting, as it may be to stay indoors, studies show that getting out and about even in the wildest of weather is great for body and soul.

Winter can be especially hard on new mums and can isolate them from friends and family leaving them feeling lonely. Baby and toddler swimming lessons are a great way of meeting other mums and it also allows babies the time to socialise with other little ones.

If winter swimming sends shivers down your spine and you’re worried about your baby staying warm both in and out of the water, it’s time to reassess your swim kit essentials.

A warm baby is a happy baby and this is especially true in the water. In fact swimming teachers often cite being cold as the main reason why little ones suddenly have an attack of ‘water wobbles’. It stands to reason, young babies don’t move around as much in water so will feel the cold quicker – even in warm pools – and this isn’t helped with chilly changing rooms where the air is cooler at this time of year.

Winter Swim Wardrobe Staples
A wetsuit is a great investment. Made from warming neoprene, which is supple and flexible, it’s designed to maintain a baby’s core temperature allowing them to spend longer in the pool without getting cold.

swimming outfit

There are a number of different styles available, with varying degrees of warmth and coverage so choose one that best suits your baby’s needs.

For small babies and cooler pools, opt for a fleece-lined wetsuit with full body coverage to keep them insulated from the cold. This design is also ideal for babies with sensitive skin including eczema, as the fleece lining doesn’t absorb barrier creams, making swimming inclusive for all.

An ‘open flat’ wetsuit is ideal for first time wetsuit wearers as it facilitates dressing a wriggling tot! Designed to maintain core body warmth but leaving maximum movement for arms and legs to kick and splash. The neoprene also provides a reassuring grip for new mums holding their baby for the first time in the pool.

swiming nappie and west

For value, a swim school approved leak-proof swim nappy integrated into the body of a baby wetsuit will tick all the boxes – stress-free swimming classes for you, your baby and your swimming teacher!

To ease the transition from chilly changing room to pool, a changing mat made from heat retaining foam, which doesn’t absorb water and has naturally anti-bacterial properties is also a worthwhile investment if you are visiting the pool on a regular basis.

swimming bag

Whenever you decide to introduce your baby to the joys of swimming, keep them warm to keep them happy!

Author – Bernadette Spofforth, mum of 3 and CEO of baby swimwear
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