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The Challenges of Raising Children as an LGBTQ+ Parent

January 11, 2024
We all know that raising children is challenging, but raising children as an LGBTQ+ parent can be even more challenging. How do we overcome the myriad of unique challenges and the realities faced by LGBTQ+ parents in raising children? Parenting Expert explores some of these challenges and signposts organisations offering support.
Parenthood is a transformative journey which is filled with joy, love, and challenges. For LGBTQ+ parents, the path to parenthood can be uniquely challenging, as you attempt to navigate societal biases and prejudices. This can have a serious affect on not only your mental health, but also your well-being. However, with resilience, support, and a commitment to love, you can learn coping strategies to overcome these obstacles, and create nurturing environments for your children. In this article, we will explore just a few of the many difficulties faced by LGBTQ+ parents in raising children, and signpost some online support and resources available to you.

Confronting Prejudice

One of the primary challenges faced by LGBTQ+ parents is the pervasive prejudice that still exists in society. Discrimination and stigma can impact on your ability to access healthcare, education, and social support. To overcome this, it is crucial for you to build a strong support network of friends, family, and to engage with community organisations that celebrate diversity. This will help you in providing a safe space for your children to thrive. You may also face pressure to conform to heteronormative expectations of parenting. This can include assumptions about gender roles, family structures, and societal expectations, which can create additional stress and challenges. Overcoming the pressure to conform to heteronormative expectations of parenting involves embracing authenticity, open communication, and seeking support from like-minded communities. Challenge societal assumptions by defining your own path, fostering understanding through dialogue, and building a network that celebrates diverse family structures and roles.

Legal Protections and Parental Rights

LGBTQ+ parents encounter a formidable challenge in navigating legal and social obstacles that impede the recognition and protection of their parental rights. Across numerous jurisdictions, same-sex parents frequently confront complexities in attaining legal acknowledgment, creating significant hurdles in areas such as adoption, surrogacy, co-parenting arrangements, and access to assisted reproductive technologies.

Addressing these challenges requires a persistent commitment to fostering change. By voicing your concerns and actively engaging with support organisations, you can play a crucial role in advocating for legal reform. While the prospect of voicing concerns in the public sphere might seem daunting, even small acts, such as composing emails to supportive organisations, can contribute to advocating for comprehensive legal protections. These efforts are pivotal in paving the way for equal rights and the recognition of parental rights, transcending the constraints of sexual orientation or gender identity. The journey toward a more equitable landscape in adoption, surrogacy, co-parenting, and assisted reproductive technologies necessitates persistent efforts in raising awareness, promoting inclusivity, and actively participating in legal reform initiatives.

Nurturing Emotional Well-being

One of the most difficult challenges is how to navigate the emotional well-being of your children in a world that may not always be accepting. It is essential to create a loving and inclusive home environment, where children can express their true selves without fear of judgment. Encouraging open and honest communication, fostering self-esteem, teaching empathy and acceptance can help children develop resilience and thrive in the face of adversity.
At some point you may also have to navigate your child’s own sexual orientation or gender identity. This can involve supporting them through the coming-out process, providing a safe and accepting environment, and addressing any potential challenges or discrimination your child may face. This is where the online community will help, by providing resources and identifying potential support groups available to you.

Education and Awareness

Education emerges as a pivotal force in the journey to dismantle stereotypes and cultivate widespread acceptance of LGBTQ+ parents within our diverse society. It serves as a catalyst for transformative change, providing a platform for nurturing understanding and empathy. Recognising the transformative potential of education, particularly in dispelling misconceptions and promoting inclusivity, LGBTQ+ parents possess the power to shape a landscape that goes beyond acceptance to genuine understanding. By consistently advocating for LGBTQ+ inclusive education, you wield a significant influence in steering societal attitudes toward greater openness. This proactive engagement involves not only fostering collaboration with schools and educational institutions but also championing the creation of inclusive curricula and policies that reflect the diverse experiences of LGBTQ+ families. In taking these steps, you assume a pivotal role in laying the groundwork for a more inclusive, compassionate, and enlightened future for your family and the broader community.

Building Community

One of the more practical issues is the constant struggle to find inclusive and affirming support networks and resources. This can make it challenging to connect with other parents who understand your unique experiences and provide guidance and support. However, do not underestimate the strength of connecting with other LGBTQ+ families to foster a sense of belonging and support. Seek out and explore LGBTQ+ parenting groups, online communities, and engaging social events as platforms for sharing experiences, advice, and resources. Building a robust community around you creates a potential network of support to navigate the challenges of raising children, thereby cultivating a strong support system for a more fulfilling parenting journey!

Support Organisations

In the UK, there are a diverse number of organisations with on-line resources available to support raising children as an LGBTQ+ parent. We have identified some you might like to get in contact with if you are experiencing difficulties as a parent.  These organisations can provide valuable support, resources, and a sense of community for LGBTQ+ parents in the UK. Connecting with these organisations and seeking out local support groups may help you find the support and guidance you need to navigate the difficulties and challenges of raising your family.


With over 90,000 babies born premature or sick and admitted to neonatal care every year in the UK, many families are touched by a neonatal experience. However, many LGBTQIA+ parents feel under-represented in the neonatal support available. Contact Bliss for help and support, if you’re an LGBTQIA+ birthing or non-birthing parent, or have had a surrogate.

LGBT Foundation

The LGBT Foundation offers a range of services and support raising children as an LGBTQ+ parents and their families. They provide advice, information, and resources for LGBT parents, including support groups and counselling services.

LGBT Mummies

LGBT Mummies, this organisation provides some really useful information, and also offers a variety of support groups and events.


Stonewall has some great information on parenting rights, including parental responsibility, family leave and pay, adopting, fostering, co-parenting, fertility treatment and surrogacy.


Imaan is a charity that supports lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer or questioning (LGBTQ) Muslims, providing an online forum where people can share experiences and ask for help.


FFLAG (Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) is a national charity that supports families and friends of LGBTQ+ individuals. They provide support and resources for parents, including a helpline and local support groups.


PFLAG UK is a support organisation for parents, families, and friends of LGBTQ+ individuals. They offer support groups, resources, and information for parents, including those who are LGBT themselves.

Diversity Role Models

Diversity Role Models is an organisation that works to promote inclusivity and challenge stereotypes in schools. They provide resources and workshops for parents, including those who are LGBT, and so support them in navigating their child’s education and promoting acceptance.

In the face of the unique challenges encountered in parenting as an LGBTQ+ individual, the potent forces of unconditional love, resilience, and determination emerge as triumphant allies against adversity. By boldly confronting prejudice, advocating for essential legal protections, nurturing emotional well-being, promoting education and awareness, and fostering a robust, supportive community, LGBTQ+ parents not only surmount obstacles but also lay the foundation for a world where their families can thrive and experience genuine happiness.

This transformative environment, where children flourish, is born out of a collective commitment to embracing diversity and celebrating the distinctive qualities inherent in each family unit. Only through this acknowledgment and celebration of diversity can we forge a more inclusive and accepting society that accommodates the richness of every individual’s experience. Let us unite in unwavering support of LGBTQ+ parents as they embark on the remarkable journey of parenthood, contributing to the creation of a world where love knows no boundaries and acceptance reigns supreme.

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