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Must Have Christmas Present 2022

November 30, 2022

There are always a handful of “must-have” Christmas gifts and this year there is no exception. We wish we could predict what they might be and get ahead of the shopping curve. The Little Life Pets Mamas Surprise Guinea Pigs is the must have present 2022 and is perhaps one of the most sought-after Christmas gifts this year. Largely out of stock, they are already priced above the RRP – and it isn’t even December yet!

So what’s all the fuss about?

LLP_MAMA_SURPRISEEach year, children go crazy for certain gifts, whether it’s a Barbie house or the latest My Little Pony. In all honesty, sometimes it just makes no sense to adults, although it is often surrounded by a good TV and media campaign or reflects the latest film trends.We took a close look at the Little Life Pets Mamas Surprise Guinea Pigs to see what all the fuss was about. In a nutshell, it’s a guinea pig that magically has three babies. Well, in fairness, it’s not really magic, but then again, childbirth isn’t magic, is it? Magical yes! Magic no!

How does the Little Life Pets Mama’s Surprise! work?

LLP_MAMA_SURPRISEThe Mamas Guinea Pig has a tiny infrared sensor on her head; you pop her in her hutch (always facing forward and under the black box in the roof of the hutch), which houses the infrared camera. Once the doors are closed, this activates this little infrared camera. The roof of the hutch has a hidden compartment, which you access through the top. You load the three guinea pigs into the three separate compartments in the turntable, along with the little gifts. You then close the roof flap and lock it.

On the back of the hutch is a switch so that your child can play with the hutch without any babies being born. You can switch this to “normal mode,” whereby the first baby is born in ten minutes with the two others following ten hours later. Alternatively, you can have this in “fast mode,” whereby the babies are born ten minutes apart.

However, to activate the timer, you have to look after the Mama guinea pig, give her some celery and pet her. Once she is happy, her heart lights up, and you place her in the cage, facing outward and under the sensor. This starts the process! Once the doors are shut, a little heart will light up above the catch. It’s important to remember that if your child takes the Mama Guinea Pig out of the hutch, the process is halted.

The method is extremely simple, but it works! There is no wonder that this the must have present 2022! We love it.

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