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Top 10 travel tips to help your little ones sleep

May 16, 2018

Travelling with the little ones when they’re tired can be anything but a dream. With summer holiday season just around the corner, Moshi Twilight Sleep Stories has created different tips, tricks and hacks to help you get your little ones to drift off to sleep, wherever you are:

1. Set a travel sleep routine
Children thrive with routine, so it can be challenging for kids for their little bodies to adapt to a new routine when en route. So try to plan your departure and arrival times around sleep time as much as possible. Transit naps are never as restful and can leave little ones tired and grumpy. It’s a good idea to try to arrive at your destination in time for the usual bedtime.

2. Turn off the iPad at least two hours before bedtime
Over-stimulating children with an iPad and games will be sure to keep their brain too active to calm down and drift off to sleep. Shut off the iPad at least two hours before bedtime; this time can be used for going through your usual bedtime routine steps.

3. Make travel bedtime a dream
When it’s time for the kids to sleep and you’re on the move, it can be most difficult. Try the Moshi Twilight Sleep Stories app – it combines audio sleep stories with relaxing music and sounds, helping your child drift off easily on water, air or land! Each Moshi Twilight Story combines a melodic narrative with relaxing and soothing soundscapes to send your child off into a naturally induced sleep through the pace of the stories, with the audio gently slowing down in rhythm as the stories progress.

4. Practice makes perfect
Do yourself a favour and do some practice runs. Trips cause disruptions, and the last thing you need after a long day of travelling is having your child go into meltdown mode. Allow your child to test-trial the portable crib or travel bed a few nights earlier, or familiarise them with the area through pictures before you arrive.

5. A bedtime pal
Facing bedtime alone, in a new unknown place, can be daunting for kids. Arm them against the monsters under the bed with a teddy bear, to help them feel comforted and allow them to drift off to sleep quicker.

6. Make sure they get exercise – but not too close to bedtime
Ensure your child is getting the right amount of exercise while travelling, meaning they’ll be tired out by the end of the day and asking to go to sleep! Be cautious not to let them exercise too close to bedtime; this will give them more energy and it’ll be far harder to get them to sleep.

7. Anticipate time differences
If you’re travelling across time zones, try to shift your schedules to the new time zone as soon as possible. Similarly, allow a couple of days to get sleep back on track when returning home. Try to plan ahead as much as possible!

8. Avoid big meals close to bedtime
You never want to send your child to sleep hungry – light snacks of fruit and porridge are fine to give them a full tummy. Avoid big meals right before bedtime as this will provide them with more energy and they’ll end up wanting to play rather than sleep.

9. Make sure the kids stay comfy!
Things like packing comfy clothing and extra blankets can make it easier for the kids to sleep in. Perhaps bring an eye mask – it will keep the car dark, making sure that they can sleep in whatever condition, whilst travelling or at a hotel.

10. Communicate
Give your child advanced warning on when their bedtime is and how far away that time is. Importantly, that bedtime is not for negotiation.

Moshi Twilight Sleep Stories is available to download for free on the iTunes store and Google Play store now.

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