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Top Ten Baby Shower Gifts for under £50

November 25, 2022

Have you been invited to a baby shower? Or perhaps you are writing a list for your friends and family? At Mumii, we have collated the Top Ten Baby Shower Gifts for under £50, all of which are a little different and not available at your local supermarket. It’s time to think outside the box and buy something a little different!

Kiki & Sebby Muslins
Starts from £23.50 for a pack of 3

Kiki & Sebby Panda Muslins pack

These are perhaps some of the softest Muslins I have ever come across and after three children I have used them a lot! They is a large 120 x 120cm swaddle and a 70cm x 70cm muslin square, the perfect gifts that a parent will use on a daily basis – wiping the dribble, breastfeeding cover, swaddle, blanket, playmat…the uses are endless. I LOVE a gift that is multi-functional.

Kiki & Sebby’s new website is under construction, you can follow them on Instagram here


Jasper The Dreamy Elephant

Jasper The Elephant

This could win you brownie points as EVERY parent wants their baby and toddler to sleep. After all, if the baby is asleep, parents can catch up with some much needed zeds. Jasper is tried and tested by the team at Mumii, or rather I should say their children so I just HAD to include him. OK so he’s cute helps and the fact that he has 6 different tried and tested white and pink noise options plus a voice recording feature, a cry sensor and a warm red glowing tummy. Forgetting all the details, the fact is he works and my child sleeps!

Buy here 

Moo Goo Baby Starter Kit
£42 (currently reduced from £51.40)

MooGoo Baby Baby Starter Kit

Hailing from Australia and with credible green credentials the range from Moo Goo is worth a look. They do have gorgeous products for adults but as the Baby Shower is all about the baby we would recommend the Baby Starter Kit. It includes everything (and I mean everything) that you will need for your baby. Scalp Cream in preparation for the pretty inevitable cradle cap; a Soothing Moisturiser to keep little ones skin soft and supple; a Nappy Balm to help combat the dreaded nappy rash; a 2-in-1 Bubbly Wash which is a firm favourite in our house and finally a super cute cuddly Cow as you can never have too many cuddly toys right?

Buy here 

Purflo Starlight Room Thermometer

Purflo Starlight Thermometer

If you are into interiors then you are going to absolutely love this. However as we all know it is not just about looks! The Starlight Room Thermometer does exactly what it’s supposed to do and measures the temperature in baby’s room. The temperature of where you baby is sleeping is always a worry for parents – they don’t want to get it too hot but nor do they want to get it too cold. The Starlight Room Thermometer is the ultimate in reassurance for parents.

Buy here 

Trixie Natural Rubber Grasping Toy

Trixie Mrs Rabbit Teething Toy

Not all Baby Shower gifts have to cost a fortune and the Trixie Natural Rubber Grasping Toy is one of our favourite more cost effective options and we are sure that it will appear in the baby’s first photographs – watch out Instagram, here we come. It is available in a few designs, Mr Polar Bear, Mr Monkey, Mr Lion and my favourite Mrs Rabbit. Made from 100% pure rubber it is soft on sore gums, and the design means it is easy for even a young baby to hold. 

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Lassig Nursery Caddy To Go


So this is our practical addition to our list of great Baby Shower gifts, practical BUT at the same time still would look lovely in any house. We would pop a few newborn nappies in (a reusable one if parents are planning on using these) as well as some baby wipes and nappy cream. It’s available in a few designs so bound to be something that appeals to parents-to-be whatever their age or taste in decor. Yes, it’s a practical present but you will know that it will be used on a daily basis and it is unlikely that Great Aunt Sally will have bought the same gift to the party!

Buy here

Nattou Pui Pui

A Baby Shower Gift list would not be complete without a cuddly toy and this has been one of my favourite gift purchases for a number of years. The Nattou Pui Pui Octopus is available in a wide range of colours but it is the design and the story / reasoning behind it that has always appealed to me. Each of the tentacles is the same diameter as your umbilical cord once you reach 8-9 months gestation. Inside the womb we know that a baby often grabs hold of this so it makes perfect sense to design a toy with this in mind. I have seen very young babies grab hold of a tentacle as if their life depends upon it so I am talking from experience. Plus I think that there is a high change that this may become the little ones go-to cuddly toy (so perhaps you should buy two in case one gets lost!).

Buy here 

EcoRascals Bamboo Duck Plate Gift Set

Eco Rascals Duck Shaped feeding set

Having attended a fair few Baby Showers over the years (my own included), you do receive A LOT of gifts aimed at a newborn. Perhaps it is time to think outside the box and get the baby something they are going to use slightly later on in their life. I love the EcoRascals range (although have to admit that the elephant design has always been a firm favourite with my little one) and their gift sets make a great baby shower alternative gift. The suction based plate and bowl will help to prevent the baby throwing everything on the floor (and believe me they try all the time), so parents will be grateful for this little set! It’s available in more than one colour so you don’t have to go for pink of course.

Buy here 

Ergobaby Aura Wrap

Aura Wrap Baby Carrier

Now I am a big fan of baby wearing and didn’t discover using a wrap until I had my third and it was at that point that I wish someone had introduced them to me earlier! It was a ‘must-have’ for me especially as my baby just seemed to cry all the time. This could be the Baby Shower Gift that parents will absolutely love you for once their little one comes along. 

Buy here 

Wooden Parent Decision Flip Coin

Parent Decision Flip Coin

So this is a little bit of fun and I discovered it on Etsy. Once baby has arrived there will be times when those poonami nappies need changing, or your pride and joy has projectile vomited all over the sofa. All those moments that you certainly won’t be sharing on Instagram. These cute little wooden discs help you decide whether the job is allocated to Mum or Dad! They also come in a cute little gift box so all your wrapping is done for you too!

Buy here

There are so many gifts that you could take to a Baby Shower but we have looked at the best-of-the-best, all below £50! Money is tight at the moment for everyone but that doesn’t mean to say that you can’t gift something memorable.

Happy Shopping!

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