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Top Tips for Pregnant Women in a Heatwave

Top Tips for Pregnant Women in a Heatwave

June 16, 2023

As temperatures soar, staying cool and comfortable during pregnancy can be a challenge, here are our top tips for pregnant women in a heatwave.

To help expecting mothers navigate the summer months with ease, the experts at My Expert Midwife, renowned for their award-winning skincare brand, have compiled a list of top tips. These tips aim to provide relief and promote comfort for pregnant women during a heatwave.

Top Tips for Pregnant Women in a Heatwave
Here are the 10 essential tips to stay comfortable during a heatwave:

1 – Choose natural fabrics: Opt for breathable materials like cotton, bamboo, or silk instead of synthetic fabrics that can retain moisture and hinder proper skin ventilation, causing irritation.

2 – Moisturise for relief: Combat dry, itchy skin by keeping it well moisturised. My Expert Midwife’s Fantastic Skin Elastic is an ideal solution for soothing and hydrating tight, stretching skin during pregnancy.

3 – Stay hydrated with foods: While water is crucial, ensure optimal hydration by incorporating hydrating fruits and vegetables into your diet, such as pineapple, mango, grapes, melon, pears, berries, cucumber, courgette, asparagus, and dark leafy greens.

4 – Limit caffeine: Avoid caffeinated drinks like tea, coffee, and colas, as they can have a diuretic effect and disrupt your fluid balance. Opt for decaffeinated alternatives and keep your drinking bottle topped up to maintain hydration.

5 – Cool showers and baths: Take refreshing showers or baths, and consider adding organic oatmeal to your bathwater for its soothing properties on the skin.

6 – Seek shade and protect your skin: When outdoors, stay in the shade to prevent overheating and protect against pigmentation caused by pregnancy hormones. Use a high-protection sunscreen with at least SPF 30 and 4-star UVA protection, as pregnancy can make your skin more sensitive to the sun.

7 – Be mindful of sun exposure: Pregnant women may burn more easily, so limit your time in the sun, especially between 11am and 3pm when UV rays are strongest. Invest in a handheld fan, cooling spray, or use cool, wet towels on pulse points to help cool down.

8 – Combat swelling: Ease swelling in your feet and ankles by soaking them in cold water, elevating your feet above heart level, performing dorsiflexion exercises (pointing toes up and down), gentle massage, and using products like My Expert Midwife’s Keep Your Cool spray.

9 – Massage for relief: Ask a partner to gently massage your dry, tired legs to improve blood flow, or use My Expert Midwife’s Marvellous Massaging Stick. Enhance circulation and hydration with the Super Scar Recovery Oil during the massage.

10 – Visit My Expert Midwife: For comprehensive product information and more helpful advice on pregnancy, birth, and newborn care.

By following these expert tips, pregnant women can experience greater comfort and relief during the summer heat. Stay cool, calm, and confident throughout your pregnancy journey.

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