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Potty Training

Top Tips for Successful Potty Training

April 21, 2023

Potty training is a major milestone that every parent looks forward to. It can be a daunting task, but with patience and knowledge, it doesn’t have to be a stressful process. Here are some top tips for successful potty training.

Here are some signs your child may be ready to start potty training:

  • They have regular bowel movements
  • They can stay dry for 1 to 2 hours
  • When they can tell you that they may need a wee or are in the process of weeing
  • Being able to pull their training pants down themselves
Start early

Potty training should begin when your child is developmentally ready. Most children begin to show signs of readiness between 18 and 24 months. This is the ideal time, but don’t push them too hard and remember that all children are different.

Set a routine

Ask your child regularly whether they need to go and try to get into a routine of encouraging them to use the potty. You need to get a balance between being child-led and also initiating a routine – for example as soon as they get out of bed in the morning. 

Choose the right potty

Pick a potty that’s the right size and height for your child. Consider one with a back support for comfort. Also, make sure to have a potty at home and one for “on the go”. 

Introduce your child to the potty

Let them become familiar with the potty; let them sit on it, touch it, and explore it. Make it fun, try role play with their favourite teddy using the potty.

Encourage your child to use the potty

Ask them if they need to use the potty and remind them when it is time to go. 

Offer rewards for success

Praise your child for successes and offer rewards for using the potty. Encourage your child with stickers or other rewards for using the potty appropriately.

Be consistent and patient

Don’t give up; it will take time for your child to learn how to use the potty. 

Make sure it’s an enjoyable experience

Make sure your child feels comfortable and is having fun. 

Stay positive

If your child has an accident, stay positive and don’t scold or punish them. Explain to them why they should use the potty and what they should do instead. 

Seek help if needed

If your child is having difficulty understanding the concept of potty training, pop it away and try again in a month’s time. If you are worried, seek help from your health visitor.

Encourage good hygiene

 It is always good to get into the routine of encouraging them to wash their hands when they have been on their potty

Potty training is a process, and for some children, it comes easier than for others. If your child is not “ready”, then you could end up having a very negative experience. Just remember that the majority of children are potty trained before they go to school; it’s not a race. Take your time and make it as enjoyable as possible. You will need a sense of humour……..lots of changes of clothes, and copious amounts of kitchen roll and disinfectant!

Eco Pourty Potty in bathroom

ECO Potty from Pourty

Parenting Expert loves the Pourty Potty – tried and tested by the team (well one of their children)! They have recently released an ECO version of their original Pourty Potty.

What makes it fantastic?

  • It has a wide flat seat which makes this potty comfortable for both boys and girls to sit on
  • It helps to avoid the red ring that children can get around their bottoms when they have been sitting on the potty for a while
  • There is a high splash guard at the front to prevent splashes and spillages!
  • It is sturdy to give you peace of mind that it will hold the weight of your child safely and reduce the risk of the potty sticking to their bottoms when they stand up!
  • The two sides of the backrest of the Pourty potty are shaped for comfort and offer ample support for your child should they lean back.
  • Easy to empty with no mess! The duct at the back of the potty makes it super easy to empty with no mess and spillages ending up on your toilet seat or the floor! Much more hygienic! 
  • Great for the Environment!

All of Pourty’s Potties are made in the UK and are recyclable, however, The ECO Pourty Potty is made from recycled post-consumer waste. All the packaging is also fully recyclable making it super sustainable. Made in the UK means its carbon footprint is much lower than potties made in the Far East.

Once you have finished with your ECO Pourty Potty, simply recycle it at home (check with your local collection service first) with your hard plastic recycling. The ECO Pourty Potties need not end its life in landfill!

You can buy the ECO Pourty Potty from Amazon here.

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