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Postpartum Hair Loss

Top Treatments to Support Postpartum Hair Loss 

May 9, 2023

Postpartum hair loss can be a worrying time for new mothers. We have put together a list of top treatments to support postpartum hair loss currently available to support maintaining healthy hair and encourage growth at a time when you have more important things to worry about than thinning hair.

Keep reading if you’re curious about the recommendations. They have all been tried and tested! We recognise that for some mums they may want to try a supplement or prefer the ease of a shampoo. For some, however, a salon treatment such as micro-needling that you can also use at home may be the answer. Please note that you should always seek advice from your health care professionals, especially if you are already taking medication and/or are breastfeeding.

Are supplements the answer?

Taking a postpartum hair loss supplement can provide your body with the essential nutrients it requires to support healthy hair growth. Imagine waking up with thicker, fuller, and more lustrous locks every morning. This is the kind of transformation that can put a smile on your face and a spring in your step.

HUX Beauty Capsule RRP £45

Postpartum Hair Loss - HUX

The Hux Beauty Capsules are based on a powerful blend of nutrients specifically put together to support not only the condition of your hair but also the health of your nails and skin. Our tester told us that these were easy to swallow and that there was no horrible aftertaste. After a couple of weeks, she reported that she could really see the difference in her skin and described it as “glowing.” After using it for almost a month, our tester said her hair felt “fuller and shinier.” Although not necessarily a treatment for postpartum hair loss per se, this product certainly made the hair feel and look fuller. 

The Hair Elixir RRP £42

The Hair Elixir is a unique vegan formula that thickens, strengthens, and nourishes hair down to the follicles to reduce hair loss and breakage. It also promotes the production of keratin and gives your body powerful minerals and an adaptogen to speed up growth. Our tester used these for almost 6 weeks before she saw any difference; it certainly wasn’t a quick fix. However, as time went on, she became delighted with the results, and this has now become part of her daily routine. She said, “It was a slow starter, and I could have been tempted to give up, but having got it into my system, I am now seeing the benefits. Even my partner has commented about my hair, and he never notices anything like that!”

Are hair syrups the answer?

Using a hair syrup for postpartum hair loss can nourish your hair and help it grow thicker, stronger, and more beautiful than ever before. Imagine running your fingers through your hair and feeling silky, smooth, life-filled strands. You deserve to feel beautiful, and a hair syrup can help you get there.

Hair Syrups – Grows Mary £15.50

Postpartum Hair Loss - Rose Syrum

Grows Mary is infused with rosemary essential oil, which has been used for centuries to help with hair loss. Our tester had never used a hair syrup in the past and was a little sceptical that it would have the desired effect. However, she reported back that this will now be a staple in her cupboard and left her hair feeling in better condition from the first time she used it. After a month, she reported, ‘thicker hair – is this a miracle cure?’

Are shampoos and conditioners the answer?

Changing something as simple as your shampoo and conditioner to a growth-stimulating version is perhaps one of the simplest ways of helping to combat postpartum hair loss if you can find the right product for you. As busy mum’s this does not impact on our daily routines and is often the easiest option. 

Pharmaceris H RRP from £9

Postpartum Hair Loss

We tested out the Pharmaceris growth-stimulating range. This consisted of a shampoo (Pharmaceris H – H-Stimupurin), a conditioner (Pharmaceris H – H-Stimulinum) and finally a leave-in treatment (Pharmaceris H – H-Stimuforten). The unique combination of its key active ingredients, Natural Growth Factor FGF and Caffeine Complex, is said to prevent hair loss while also stimulating new hair growth. Our tester absolutely loved this trio of products and reported that they left her hair feeling “softer and fuller” after only a fortnight. She reported that she had tried alternative thickening shampoos previously and that they had had little effect. However, the Pharmaceris range was a “game changer”.

Is micro-needling the answer?

According to the dreaded internet, there is a great solution called micro-needling that can help you get your hair back to its natural thickness and fullness. Once you have researched it, you may have very high expectations! Micro-needling stimulates the production of collagen and other growth factors by making tiny channels on your scalp with tiny needles. This helps to speed up hair growth and improve the health of your scalp. 

Calecim Advanced Hair System RRP £315

Calecim Advanced Hair System

We tested the Calecim Advanced Hair System for two months and had high hopes for this solution. It is a treatment used by trichologists, but it does come with a hefty price tag. It is certainly a considered purchase when it comes to decision-making on how to support postpartum hair loss. However, it certainly got the thumbs up from our tester.  She reported, “I have used this regularly for two months now, and the results have been transformative. I was beginning to get really self-conscious about my thinning hair, but not any longer. Not only has it improved the thickness of my hair, but it has had a really positive effect on my self-esteem.”

In the end, being a mum can be like a roller coaster ride, with both good times and hard times. Even though hair loss after giving birth can be frustrating and upsetting, there is hope. With the best treatments, new mums can feel like themselves again and get their confidence back. So, whether you use essential oils, take supplements, or undertake more invasive treatment. or just let nature take its course, there is a way for her to feel better.

Don’t forget that you are strong, beautiful, and not alone. Take control of your hair loss and enjoy every precious moment you have with your child.

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