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Tried and Tested : Universal Footmuffs 2024

January 17, 2024

We have been testing a variety of universal footmuffs over the last few months. We have gathered together a range of footmuffs that are universal and will fit on a wide range of pushchairs and strollers. Whilst many of the pushchair and stroller brands make their own footmuffs, many parents want something a little bit different, and in some cases more practical (and cheaper). If you don’t like the offering from your pushchair brand, it is worth considering something more universal. You may find that an alternative pushchair branded footmuff will also fit your pushchair – so it’s a good idea to shop around for something that works for you.

We gathered together some of the most popular universal footmuffs available to see whether they really were as good as they professed to be. Each one has been tested on a wide range of pushchairs and strollers by Parenting Expert self-confessed pushchair addict, Jo Studholme. What Jo does not know about pushchairs really isn’t worth knowing!


Buggysnuggle is a well-known and respected brand in the world of footmuffs. They have been on the market for many years and their tried-and-tested formula means that they are not only popular but we are yet to find a pushchair or stroller that we can’t make them fit on. This means you can buy with confidence, especially important if you are purchasing online. We love the fact that they are super soft and come is such a wide range of designs. Our favourite one has to be the elephants of course! They are longer than your average footmuff, making them perfect for older toddlers.

Our tester told us, “There is nothing that I can be negative about with this footmuff. It’s easy to fit, stays in place and my toddler absolutely loves it. I love the colours and designs Buggysnuggle are available in and this certainly ‘pimps’ up my pushchair!’


The All Seasons Buggy Cover from Blinky is award-winning and boasts to be one of the most universal options on the market.  It has an ingenious built in rain-cover and sun & sleep shade, meaning you’re covered whatever the weather. The water-resistant reflective outer layer and soft fleece lining ensuring that your little one is always dry, safe and warm. Mother & Baby Awards recently awarded it Silver in the Best Travel Product (2024) with parent testers describing it as “modern, versatile and amazing!” We found Blinky to be really quick and easy to attach using two click-and-release straps. This cover fits most buggies, offering style and functionality in a compact design.

Our tester told us, “I had never heard about Blinky before yet I have told everyone at baby group about this. I am converted! I love the fact that it is showerproof as my son absolutely hates the rain!”


The Voksi footmuff really is your baby’s cozy cocoon for every adventure. This wonder-muff slips effortlessly into prams, strollers, car seats, and even sledges, transforming them into snug fortresses against wind, rain, and winter’s bite. No fiddling with adapters or extra inserts – just zip in your little one and watch them giggle with glee, no matter the season or ride. Universal comfort, universal joy – that’s the magic of the Voksi footmuff.

Our tester told us, “This footmuff is amazing and perhaps the best thing I have ever had for any of my children pushchair-wise. I have fitted it on four pushchairs so far and it’s easy to move from one pushchair to another. I can’t believe how warm it is – they need to make an adult version!”


The Didofy footmuff is a sustainable, snug haven for your little one, crafted from recycled PET bottles for eco-conscious warmth. Compatible with the most strollers and pushchairs, and we did find that it fitted everything that we tried it on, We loved the its two-way zipper which allows easy access and adaptability. Whether for chilly or rainy days, this multifunctional footmuff transforms into a useful seat liner, which you could use all year round, Our didn’t come as high as some of the footmuffs we tested.

Our tester told us, “I had never heard of Didofy before and wondered whether it would actually fit on my pushchair but I am pleased to report that it did. It was really warm for my son and my only feedback is that I wish it was slightly longer.”

So here you have our round up of some of the best universal footmuffs for 2024 – and with the temperatures dropping at the moment, make sure that you are prepared. There is nothing worse than being cold!




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