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Vax Platinum Power Max carpet cleaner Review

July 23, 2018
Sarah and Steve from Lincolnshire tested the Vax Platinum Power Max carpet cleaner throughout their family home.
What was in the box:

Upright cleaner and hose, upholstery wash tool, Vax SpinScrub cleaning head, hard-floor tool, pre-treatment wand, 2 x 250ml Platinum solution, 250ml pre-treatment solution and accessory bag.

First impressions:

We were initially really excited when we received the product, and eager to get started. The cleaner was extremely well packaged and came with an attachment hose, three bottles of treatment solutions and a handy bag to store them in. The cleaner also came with a booklet of instructions. We didn’t feel that these were very clear to understand, but after a little improvisation we managed to build the cleaner within approximately 30 minutes, and it did turn out that this was fairly self explanatory and easy to do. The cleaner itself is a very well constructed device – quite heavy, but this was a good thing as the weight pressed down into the carpet and gave the impression that this was on a par with an industrial cleaner, and meant business!



We cleaned all of our (cream) upstairs carpets using the Vax Platinum Power Max cleaner, starting with possibly the most challenging – our teenage daughter’s! The cleaner was very easy to manoeuvre considering its size, although at first we saturated the carpet as we were a little trigger happy with adding water. It didn’t take long before we got the technique just right. The cleaner does use quite a bit of water, so you do have to keep refilling, however the results were noticeable almost immediately. In our daughter’s room there were quite a few stubborn make-up stains (coupled with a cream carpet, we were considering having to completely replace it) – the cleaner managed to almost completely remove these after only three attempts. Therefore it has possibly saved us the cost of a new carpet. After using the cleaner the carpet looked clean, refreshed and bright – almost new! I have a feeling the cleaner will be making another appearance in her room sometime soon…

We then cleaned our 8-year-old son’s carpet – admittedly embellished with a few splashes of Calpol, squash and other various stains dotted about, mostly around his bed. The cleaner completely removed these with only a couple of attempts – it was easy to move around and using the attachments made it easy to get under the bed. After cleaning, once again the carpet was refreshed and bright, and looked like new (how long this will last only time will tell…)

We assumed the biggest challenge would be the staircase, but this was actually quite simple as the 4.6m attachment enabled us to completely clean the stairs without having to move the cleaner at all. A simple operation, which took no more than 15 minutes. The only downside is actually lifting the cleaner up and down the stairs; it is heavy, and some may find this difficult.

Having cleaned all four bedrooms, the landing and staircase carpets, we ventured downstairs and attempted our hallway rugs, which again came up like new (although it did wrinkle one up for some time after). The whole house was cleaned after a couple of hours (the stubborn make-up stains in the first bedroom being the biggest contributor to this time).

After cleaning, the carpets took about two hours to dry completely – but this was considering we may have initially been a little generous with the water . It used about 2/3 of the bottle of detergent. We were very impressed with the results – we really felt that it had brought the carpets back to life, especially in the well trodden areas. It has definitely saved us from either having to hire an industrial cleaner, or completely replace the carpets, so therefore is absolutely worth its retail price. It is something we will use regularly, to keep our carpets fresh and looking good.

We would definitely recommend the Vax Platinum Power Max carpet cleaner to other parents as having clean carpets and children do not really go hand in hand – stains are inevitable! We would also add that this would be a fantastic buy for people who have pets. It is a device we will use over and over again, and could potentially save a fortune on professional cleaning, or replacing stained carpets. Great product!

  • Well made product
  • Possibly matches an industrial cleaner with its ability to clean carpets
  • Good value compared to industrial cleaning with similar performance
  • The long hose attachment (4.6m) enables cleaning stairs without having to manoeuvre whole cleaner
  • Removed some very stubborn stains
  • Heavy and slightly cumbersome (some may struggle to lift about)
  • Instructions were difficult to follow
  • Goes through the detergent quite quickly

I would recommend this product to other parents!


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