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Vax Pure Air 300 Review

September 12, 2018

Mummi VIP  Tanya from Lancashire was the perfect choice to review the Vax Pure Air 300 as she, her husband and four daughters all suffer from allergies. So did having this air purifier in their family home make a big difference?

What was in the box:

The filter itself, a small remote control and a set of instructions. It was neatly packaged and very secure.

Review team:

We were all hoping to benefit from this product – me, my husband and all four of our daughters; Kaitlin, who is almost 10, Sophie, 7, Amelia-Rose, 4, and Isabelle, 2.

First impressions:

Everything was neat and easy to assemble. It was simple enough to unpack it all and there wasn’t much in the box to confuse you. I literally took the main body of the air filter out, along with the remote and instructions, and the filter was in a plastic bag inside the main product. I had to remove this myself and then place it back in, as we were ready to go! I was keen to try this product out, seeing as we all suffer from very bad hayfever, and having two dogs causes my daughters to sneeze and cough much more than usual too.


The Vax Pure Air 300 is a really clever design, extremely easy to use and not as obtrusive in the house as I had thought it might be. I was impressed with how the controls on the outside of the filter only needed to be lightly touched instead of pressing, and these buttons have a light glow of blue around them, which we actually found quite relaxing.

We placed our Vax Pure Air 300 in the living room due to it being the most populated area at any one time, and also because our two Chihuahuas come in through the day. The instructions state that windows are best being closed when using the air filter, which we have tried and it really does feel like it supplies a much cleaner airflow. It draws in normal air and purifies it before sending it back out the top of the unit – when putting a hand over the top of the product, you can feel the cool air coming out. When it was warm, we found this really nice and cooling (fairly similar to a fan, only it is giving better air quality).

Since using this product most of our family have been having greatly reduced allergy symptoms, which for us is amazing. We also noticed that somebody has been cooking and you leave the Vax Pure Air 300 on, the smells are reduced!

The fan settings can be altered so you can set it to run at intervals – 2-hour, 4-hour, etc – which is very handy if somebody wanted to have it on for a couple of hours at a time. The fan speed can be adjusted to low, medium or high; of course, the faster speeds mean more noise, so for us as it’s in the living room it would not be the best to have it on high for a long period of time. However, we find running it on medium is certainly sufficient to meet our needs on a regular basis. The little remote control is amazing, very dainty and clever and obviously makes the Vax Pure Air 300 less effort to use while you’re doing something else.

This product is only available in this one colour and I think it would be nice to have a choice to fit in with the decor, but as it’s neutral it’s not that much of a issue. The unit is quite tall, and can take some space up in a small room. We have it on the floor but it says it can be placed on top of a small unit to take it off the ground. You shouldn’t put it near a window, TV, radiator, etc, and you have to keep a small distance from the outside walls, so you do need a bit of room. Other than that it’s perfect!

We feel the replacement filters are a bit expensive as these could need replacing every few months dependent on how often you use the unit – a light will show up on the outside to warn us of this. I do think the price of replacement filters should be reduced given the price of the actual Vax Pure Air 300 in the first place.

  • Simple to use and looks great
  • Plenty of settings and fan speeds to suit
  • Remote control
  • Definitely feel an improvement in the air quality
  • Can set the time so it switches off after 2 hours of use, etc.
  • Works amazingly for families with hayfever, or allergies to pets, etc.
  • The high fan speed is much more louder than the other two settings, making it very obvious
  • Replacement filter costs are fairly expensive
  • Lack of colour choice options

I would recommend this product to other parents!

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