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Yes, I have five children!

April 30, 2018

A few decades ago large families were the norm but now we have contraceptives available so easily, people think we should stop at two. Everyone finds it so shocking I have five and I’m getting really fed up with the comments!

OMG, are they all yours?
Are you a childminder?
You must have your hands full?
Are you mad?
Are you insane?
How much food?
How old are they?
Which one’s the naughty one? I bet I can guess.
Have you not heard of TV?

These are just a few that people actually ask me to my face. I’m fed up of it. Yes, I have five children. Yes, they all have the same dad. We’ve been happily married for 10 years and yes, he works his butt off to provide for us!

We aren’t on the dole! Yes, we might be insane but this is the number of children we chose to have. We don’t dump them on family members! Apart from school and nursery, they are always with me. We don’t have date nights and we don’t go out without them. Don’t give us the evils if we sit down near you at a restaurant or any other public place. We have just as much right to be there as everyone else. Just because we have five it doesn’t mean we will ruin your day. We can handle our kids and most of the time they are better behaved than one!

So can we please stop judging families by the number of people in them. Yes, the idea of a perfect family these days may be one of each but that just wasn’t for us. We have the number that is right for us – and if we have baby number six then that is up to us and none of your business!

Becky Humphries


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