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Firebox Pizza Oven

La Hacienda Firebox Pizza Oven Review

July 27, 2018

Mumii VIP Annelies, her husband and two adorable children were very excited to be selected to test a La Hacienda Firebox Pizza Oven. With such perfect weather this summer for cooking outside and spending family time together, here’s how they got on…

What was in the box:

The Firebox came fully assembled and securely packaged with easy-to-decipher instructions for use.


The Firebox came ready assembled so was completely user-friendly from the get go. It fitted perfectly onto our BBQ, and our pizzas cooked well and were delicious, but unfortunately our BBQ didn’t rise to the occasion and finally gave up under the constant year-round use! We said goodbye to our trusty old friend but soon welcomed a new and improved model – and the one we chose actually had the La Hacienda Firebox as a recommended optional extra! The Firebox sat perfectly on the new BBQ and cooked even better with the lid down.
The instructions suggested to heat the Firebox up fully, to burn off any residue left from the manufacturing process, and this only took a matter of 10 minutes. We then left the Firebox to cool down to the ideal cooking temperature before putting our pizzas in to cook. There is an easy-to-read temperature gauge on the top of the Firebox, giving a clear indication of the perfect temperature in the ‘ideal zone’ to use a guide.
We have cooked a variety of different styles of pizzas in the Firebox, ranging from homemade (traditional and calzone) to shop-bought. Although I do feel it is a bit of a waste to use the pizza oven for shop-bought and highly recommend homemade pizzas!

Our two children got fully involved and loved the process of making the dough, preparing the ingredients, constructing their pizzas and watching them cook. It really is a fantastic way to spend some quality family time and make some wonderful memories as well as a delicious lunch or dinner. The children didn’t place their pizzas in to the oven or take them out due to the intense heat and lack of appropriate tools but with the correct tools the opening to the Firebox is clearly accessible under direct and careful supervision from an adult. We found that ordinary oven gloves are not substantial enough and ended up using fire safety gloves when handling the Firebox.

The cooking possibilities are endless and are only really limited by the imagination of the chef!
I have already recommended the La Hacienda Firebox to several friends with and without children. It is a fantastic addition for anyone who is keen on home cooking and barbecuing, and makes for an excellent social cooking experience too.

  • Ready straight out of the box
  • Easy to use
  • Value for money
  • Cheaper alternative to a full-on standalone pizza oven
  • Cooks perfectly if you follow the temperature gauge on the top of the Firebox
  • Cooking opportunities are endless
  • It is only cooks one pizza at a time, so you need to be patient or be able to distract hungry children if they have made their own individual pizzas
  • Once the pizza stone gets dirty it is difficult to clean and it is not recommended to use any cleaning fluids, but rather you burn it off when you initially heat the Firebox up
  • You do need a suitable BBQ that is up to the job as this is not an independent oven

I would recommend this product to other parents!

Available to buy from Wyevale Garden Centres.


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