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Char-Broil Smart-E Electric Grill Review

Review : Char-Broil Smart-E Electric Grill

May 16, 2023

Parenting Expert’s verdict:

9 / 10

I am Jo one of the in-house reviewers for Parenting Expert, and I am lucky enough to be testing out the Smart-E Electric Grill from Char-Broil which, in a nutshell, is an electric barbeque. I have to admit that I love a good barbeque, and historically, as a family, we have always barbecued multiple times each week. Some would say we were addicted!

I had high hopes for this newly launched option, but the thought of an electric barbeque was, in all honesty. It just didn’t feel right; however, read below to see whether I became a convert!

Price £799

  Char-Broil Smart-E Electric Grill Review  

The Review

The Char-Broil Smart-E Electric Grill arrives in one box – a big box – and mine was delivered on a pallet. It is heavy, so don’t anticipate moving it anywhere on your own! The first job was obviously to build it. It does come with comprehensive instructions but if you go on the website there is an app that you can download. I found that this was really useful to use alongside the written instructions. It also comes with everything you need to build it, so no hunting for a screwdriver is required!

It took me a few hours to build but I was building it on my own and this certainly isn’t something I have done on a regular basis. I just needed some help to lift the top on as this was too cumbersome for me to do alone.

Ready to go!

Once built, we were ready to go! The Char-Broil Smart-E Electric Grill is an innovative grill that utilises electric power to cook your food. It is equipped with a digital control panel that enables you to set the temperature and cooking time to ensure that your food is cooked to perfection (well that is the theory anyway!).

One of the main benefits of this grill has to be its convenience. It is designed to be used indoors or outdoors, making it a great option for those who live in apartments or flats without access to outdoor space. However, I know that personally I will only use it outdoors, although maybe it might work as an extra option at Christmas or for large parties? Another great feature of the Char-Broil Smart-E Electric Grill is its mobility. It is equipped with four wheels, making it easy to move around your space.

I was impressed with how quickly it heated up. Obviously, a traditional barbecue takes some time, whereas this is pretty instant. The temperature dial on the front allows for really precise control, which results in consistently good cooking results! It also has a large cooking surface making it a great option for small gatherings or family dinners. We like to barbecue ‘everything’ from meat to fish to vegetables and there was space for all that we needed even when we had friends around. The top grill area was perfect to keep cooked food warm.

Char-Broil Smart-E Electric Grill Review

The Food

The biggest surprise for me was how good the food tasted. Because you can sear the food, it remains super moist and has a charred flavour to it. I always use a temperature probe to ensure that everything is cooked to perfection, and using this, combined with the flexibility of the temperatures you can instantly change on the Smart-E, I was really impressed.

Char-Broil Smart-E Electric Grill Review

Handy Cover

I was also sent the cover for the barbeque which I have to say is a great additional investment. After all, in the UK it rains a lot! It was easy to fit and did a super job of keeping the unit dry!

Easy to clean

It is also easy to use and clean, with a removable grease tray and porcelain-coated cooking grates. I cook a lot of food that has been marinated, so it often comes with a sauce. It has a ‘clean’ function that turns any food remnants into carbon, – this makes them easier to brush off and clean. It does come with a little brush, which I found useful.

If I am completely honest, there is one downside to this grill, and that is its price. It’s not cheap and is perhaps more expensive than traditional charcoal or gas grills. This ‘may’ have put me off purchasing, had I not been able to try it out first – or read lots of reviews. 


  • Easy to clean
  • Large cooking area
  • Amazing results – food kept really moist


  • Not a cheap option

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Yes – I would! Having not been convinced until I actually tried it, I am now a convert! I don’t think I wanted to like it as much as I did and maybe this is the way forward for barbecuing for the modern family?  Overall, the Char-Broil Smart-E Electric Grill is a great option for those who want the convenience and versatility of an electric grill. It is easy to use, clean, and move around, and it delivers consistent cooking results. While it may be more expensive than other grills, its unique features and mobility make it a worthwhile investment for those who prioritise convenience and performance.

Purchase the Char-Broil Smart-E Electric Grill

Parenting Expert’s verdict:

9 / 10


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